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Excellent ★★★★★
Excellent little puzzle game. The graphics are slick and nicely rendered, and the gameplay is polished.
The difficulty ramps up very quickly -- I got briefly stuck on one of the early levels, I think number six -- and I wonder if it might be a bit too hardcore for some casual puzzle players. Still, this is a fun game and it has a nice "thirty seconds whilst in a bank queue" sort of vibe to it. I can easily see myself pulling this out at random times and knocking off a puzzle or two.
by Kittentoes


Awesome brain teaser!! ★★★★★
This game is very challenging, keeps ur brain going, just downloaded but love it so far...
by kamfam1


Sympa fait bien passer le temps! ★★★★
by Hbaz


Super! ★★★★★
Beau intelligent simple!
by sukena

United Kingdom

Icy ★★★★★
Good, hard, love the music
by Mordakkar

Gt ★★★★
Got this after watching a trailer on gametrailers.com turned out was a good purchase
by young blud


Эпическое музыкальное сопровождение, и приятная графика ★★★★★
В метро самое оно гамать
by Akadem1c

Игра для разминки мозгов ★★★★★
просто и сложно одновременно
by Black Gopher


Recommended must have for any puzzle fans . ★★★★★
First impressions : It looks extremely polished . The music is great too and there isn't a lot of loading times on my IPT4 (Ipod Touch 4) .

Yes , it is very challenging . But if you think a little , it wouldn't be that hard IMO . I really like the undo button because it really helps . Even though you don't get the medal for using the undo button , there is a reset button on the top left hand corner (which if you complete the level again w/o using the undo button then you'll get the medal) Highly recommended for people with uh .. who can plan ahead ? It is definitely not casual friendly but then again , there's the help button (Just tap "Need help" in Pause menu) . At the first 3 stages (75 levels), you can always ask mr.Pinky, if you stuck. He'll undo all the wrong turns you did. In other words, he helps you to solve any level, which seems a little bit hard.


United States

Awesome ★★★★★
Excellent brain challenge
by Ch1p5

Cool ★★★★★
i like this kind of puzzle
by Axxcb

Puzzle ★★★★★
Good game
by Cool Dream

Good puzzles. ★★★★★
Great for passing time.
by Evan Mac

Fun ★★★★★
Great puzzles. Fantastic art/design/ui
by Vidna

Nice ★★★★★
Very cool game! Thanks
by Kandasoft

Very cool! ★★★★★
bought full version. music, graphics and puzzles! Awesome
by Nabandis

Unique Math Puzzler ★★★★★
It also has a pretty good soundtrack
by Cole Wellman

Good ★★★★
Good game, need to think, think and think !!!!
by Zfghf

Enjoyable ★★★★
Fun challenging game
by Metalfish666

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